Olivia Molina, Model and Entrepreneur Shares How Veganism Cured Her Deseases

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Olivia Molina, Model and Entrepreneur Shares How Veganism Cured Her DeseasesOlivia Molina

The competing model for the Maxim Cover Girl 2021, Molina has made her struggles into stepping stones for achieving success in her life.

It is the struggles always in life that give us the right path that we must choose to take a step near to achieving success. But, naturally, as individuals, many of us do not take that first step fearing many things. However, there are people in this world like Olivia Molina, who are risk-takers & who believe that life has the other side to it, which always has something great to offer us. Even after having a privileged life, Molina chose her own route & kept going on the same till she found success at whatever she tried in her career.

This dazzling beauty believes that turning into veganism changed her life in many ways & cured many things which she faced earlier. She said that initially, she had weight problems which made her go from being skinny to being chubby swiftly. So she turned to become a vegetarian first at the age of 12 & continued being one till she was 21. However, after that again she indulged in eating meat & this led to pain in her legs & hands which used to get swollen. At that point, she used to be quite bloated & also suffered from other problems like short of air, migraine & a lot of acid reflux.

To know what bothered her & to cure all these problems, she went to the Royal Youth Clinic, Thailand, where she got tested for allergies & food intolerances & understood that she must avoid dairy products & meat completely. She stopped eating them & was even cured. With time she lost 20 kg & managed to get in a better shape than ever & helped increase her energy levels a notch higher. Turning to veganism, cured her infertility as well. Post becoming a vegan she turned pregnant after eight months & is now expecting a baby girl.

Talking about her career choices, her struggles & her success as a model & an entrepreneur is a story all must know to gather some inspiration to live life with a more positive approach. Even after having a political & influential family background, Molina chose to be on her own & move ahead in her career. Her grandfather (Mr José Domingo Molina Gómez) & her great great grandfather (Mr Nicolás Remigio Aurelio Avellaneda Silva) both served as the President of Argentina. Even her great grandfather from her maternal family Mr Pedro Rivas was a Senator. Molina & her family own 5K hectares of land in Argentina with a French house in it.

Molina hails from Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina & was born on June 16, 1989. Right from her childhood, she faced many challenges in life. As a child, she lost her baby brother. However, in school, she aced almost all the sports & was even the President of the chess club & travelled all around the country for various tournaments. Writing about her struggles in life, Molina turned into being an author at the tender age of 9 & wrote another book at 17.

Her love for animals has also been noteworthy, where as a child; she always brought homeless dogs to her house & took care of them. She dreams of having an animal shelter when she retires. At 15 she started to learn about modeling from an agency called Ricardo Pineiro agency and school. And, in a few years also learnt about makeup & fashion styling. For her beauty & her extraordinary talent, she bagged a role in a famous soap opera called ‘Patito Feo’ & started her journey even as an actress. Along with that, she did theater plays as well at “Avenida Corrientes” & played a protagonist in one of the plays named “passion” , next to Dario Lopilato , Estella Maris Lanzani and German Kraus.

Later life took a turn for her & she did a course about cocktail mixing & got a bartender job in Mexico. She got married later in Argentina after she returned from Mexico & then faced a lot many financial issues which made her open up a makeup supplies company. Within two weeks, her hard work made her earn 10.000$ USD from a 200 USD start up investment. She dipped her hands even in “body chain” accessories & even that scored high success for her.

Molina also worked as a makeup artist & in fashion production with ‘CR Models’ in Argentina. With a collection of huge database she got while working for this modeling agency, she moved to Europe to search for other opportunities. It was in London she started her business of image modeling, matchmaking & concierge & became an entrepreneur. Her business grew so successful that she made $1 million of net income in just a year or two.

This upped her confidence & she opened up a company in Dubai while she resided in the UAE. The talented woman also has a high IQ of 144, which is considered to be genius. Currently, she lives in LA, where she has started her small food businesses & at the same time has applied for E2 Visa (investor visa).

There is no way Molina is stopping anytime soon & is determined to keep going on in life with all her ventures.

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