Pratik Parihar’s Entry as ‘Gulaal’ to Shake Things Up in ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’

The new character ‘Gulaal’ (played by Pratik Parihar) in the show ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’ has viewers intrigued as he brings a twist to the story line by marrying Kirti. The motive behind Gulaal’s actions will unfold in future episodes, adding more drama to Shraddha’s life.

Described as eccentric and unconventional, Gulaal’s entry shakes things up in the show. Actress Sumati Singh, who plays Kirti, hints at a roller coaster ride for viewers with Gulaal’s arrival and his hidden agenda. Gulaal’s proposal to Kirti sets the stage for chaos in Shraddha’s life, making the storyline more interesting.

In recent episodes, tensions between characters escalate as Devyani’s emotional manipulation complicates relationships. Abhay’s conflicted feelings for Tanuja and his biological mother’s distress add to the drama, with Shraddha sensing a deeper story behind the turmoil. Tanuja’s declining health and Abhay’s absence create more suspense in the show.

‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’ airs on Shemaroo Umang, promising more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes as Gulaal’s character unfolds. Stay tuned for more drama and excitement in the show as the plot thickens.


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