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Best Prerna Keshwani Web Series To Stream Alone

Prerna Keshwani is a renowned Indian actress with a massive fanbase in the country. Originally born in Madhya Pradesh on July 19, 1999, she has been a part of many hit projects since her debut, including “Roohdaar,” “Puddan,” and “Ye Gandi Baat.”

In this article, we will dive into some of the best web series featuring Prerna Keshwani. Keep scrolling for more.

Top Prerna Keshwani Web Series

1. Ye Gandi Baat

Prerna Keshwani Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

This web series revolves around a guy in a rural village who constantly fantasizes about being intimate with every girl he meets. However, when the time comes to act, he fails to perform. Watch the series to discover what happens next. The series features many enticing love-making scenes and bold dialogues, so viewer discretion is advised.

2. Puddan

Top Prerna Keshwani Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

“Puddan” features a local Casanova. One day, he notices a beautiful woman, referred to as Bhabhi, arriving in his town and decides to pursue her with the intention of sleeping with her. Things take a drastic turn when Bhabhi reciprocates his interest. Watch the series to find out what happens when her husband discovers their affair.

3. Mittho Bhabhi

Best Prerna Keshwani Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

The series showcases Mittho Bhabhi, who has started a telephone business in her village. She decides to use her beauty and charm to attract young men to help grow her company, while also hiring female employees. Surprisingly, her business gains recognition for its work.

4. I Hate You

Must-Watch Prerna Keshwani Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

An anthology web series, “I Hate You” features five young couples, each going through emotional turmoil, but ultimately finding their way. The performances of all the characters have been widely appreciated.

5. Haale Dil on Broken Notes- Short Film

Prerna Keshwani Web Series
Image Credit: IMDb

As the title suggests, this revolves around a couple experiencing the ups and downs of love. It explores how toxicity and negativity can affect a person’s mind, while also showing how love from a significant other can provide calm and affection. The short film is directed by Vikrant Singta, with Palak Honrao as the scriptwriter.

The cast includes Mannara Chopra, Prerna Keshwani, and Aryan Raj in leading roles. “Haale Dil on Broken Notes” has been featured in numerous international and national film festivals.

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