Priyanka longs for sheer khurma and biryani on Eid, but indulges in crepes and croissants instead

Global star Priyanka Chopra extended warm greetings on Eid, expressing her nostalgia for sheer khurma and biryani. The former Miss World shared a postcard on social media, wishing “Eid mubarak to everyone celebrating”.

Priyanka also shared a glimpse of French delicacies on Instagram Stories, highlighting the importance of crepes and croissants for breakfast while in France.

Having tied the knot with American singer and actor Nick Jonas in December 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, a girl named Malti Marie, via surrogacy in January 2022. Priyanka’s upcoming project ‘Heads of State’ is in the pipeline for the talented actress.

With a mix of cultural references and personal news, Priyanka’s Eid message resonated with her followers, showcasing her love for global cuisines and celebrations. The global icon continues to share her life’s milestones with her fans, keeping them engaged and inspired.


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