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Prohibition of Drinking Alcohol in Public Spaces in Lucknow

Lucknow District Administration Prohibits Liquor Consumption Near Shops

Lucknow, April 8 (IANS) – The Lucknow district administration has banned the consumption of liquor near liquor shops in light of the Model Code of Conduct for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. District Magistrate Surya Pal Gangwar has directed liquor vendors to ensure liquor is not consumed in unauthorized areas.

According to Gangwar, consuming liquor in public places, parking areas outside liquor vends, and on the roadside is strictly prohibited. He stated, “Any person found violating this would face strict legal action, including fines and jail time up to six months.”

There are set limits for liquor sales as well. The sale limit for country-made local liquor is one litre per person, while imported foreign liquor brands have a limit of 4.5 litres per person. Additionally, only 2.5 litres of wine and six litres of beer can be sold to an individual in both categories.

The district magistrate also emphasized the importance of compliance with restrictions on the unauthorized printing of election-related pamphlets and posters. The administration is keen on maintaining public peace and ensuring law and order during the election period.

Overall, the Lucknow district administration is taking proactive measures to uphold the Model Code of Conduct and ensure a smooth conduct of the Lok Sabha elections. With strict enforcement and clear guidelines, they aim to maintain order and prevent any disturbances that may arise due to liquor consumption near shops.

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