Video of Bullying at Lead British International School, Abuja Goes Viral

A video is currently going viral on various social media platforms featuring a schoolboy being bullied by fellow students at Lead British International School, Abuja. Since its release, the video has been spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms. In the clip, a boy can be seen in casual attire being slapped by other students.

The clip is nine seconds long and shows a group of students asking the bully to stop beating the boy. Meanwhile, it has ignited a debate on anti-bullying laws in the country. As the video started to become a hot topic in the media, Lead British International School released a statement stating they had opened an investigation into the bullying incident.

Video of bullying at Lead British International School, Abuja

In many schools across the globe, students are bullied harshly, putting their mental state in a critical condition. The issue is quite prevalent, and often netizens on social media demand new laws and regulations.

Back in 2021, a video of a 12-year-old boy screaming in pain started to gain attention and later sparked a scandal. Sylvester Oromoni was studying at Dowen College, a boarding secondary school in Lagos. His parents stated in the media that he sustained severe injuries after a school bully beat him when he refused to join a cult. Once the video started to go viral, the school claimed that he was injured during a school football match and had never been bullied.

The parents decided to file a case. They also claimed that their kid had opened up to them and told them he was being bullied right before he passed away. In April 2024, Mikhail Kadiri, a Lagos coroner, ruled that the kid had experienced “avoidable excruciating pain” due to medical and parental negligence.

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