Report highlights lack of GenAI training and poor management as key barriers for women in tech

New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) Lack of proper training in advancing technologies like generative AI (GenAI), poor management, and gender disparity are the major roadblocks for women pursuing careers in tech, according to a report by Skillsoft. The report, based on a survey of 500 women, highlights key challenges faced by women in the tech industry.

The report reveals that 31 per cent of women in tech are considering leaving their organization due to poor management, better compensation, and lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Orla Daly, Chief Information Officer at Skillsoft, emphasized the importance of providing support and fostering critical skills for women to thrive in the tech industry.

Additionally, the report highlighted a lack of training, particularly in GenAI. Despite 41 per cent of women showing interest in learning AI, 60 per cent reported not using AI at work. Among those who were using AI, 63 per cent expressed a lack of adequate training and resources to integrate the technology into their work.

Daly stressed the importance of involving and empowering women in AI to ensure equitable and inclusive technology design and implementation. She emphasized that diversity fosters innovation and that advancing women’s skills in AI can lead to the development of more creative and equitable solutions to business problems.


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