Researcher suggests managing diabetes may be key in preventing dementia, especially in individuals of Indian descent

Indian-origin scientist, Narendra Kumar, at Texas A&M University, states controlling diabetes can reduce dementia risk in Alzheimer’s. Published in the ‘American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’, the study highlights the strong link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s, emphasizing preventative measures for diabetes to slow down dementia progression.

The study focused on the impact of diet on Alzheimer’s development in individuals with diabetes. Researchers found that a high-fat diet reduces the expression of Jak3 protein in the gut, leading to inflammation from the intestine to the brain. This chain reaction results in Alzheimer’s-like symptoms and cognitive impairment in mice, indicating the importance of the gut-brain pathway involving the liver.

According to Kumar, changes in Jak3 expression due to diet can cause leaky gut, chronic inflammation, diabetes, impaired brain function in clearing toxins, and dementia-like symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease. The discovery sheds light on the significance of maintaining a healthy diet to prevent the onset or progression of Alzheimer’s in individuals with diabetes.


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