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Solar Eclipse 2022- Solar Eclipse On Shani Amavasya, Don’t Make These Mistakes



Solar Eclipse

Shani Amavasya is going to happen on 30th April and on this day there is going to be a solar eclipse. However, this eclipse will not be visible in India, so its Sutak period will not take place. Astrologically, the occurrence of solar eclipse on the day of Shani Amavasya is a special coincidence because according to religious beliefs, Shani Dev is the son of Sun, the king of planets, but there is an enemy between the two. Therefore, some special precautions will be required at the time of eclipse; otherwise you may have to face some problems. Let us know that according to the scriptures, what should be done during solar eclipse and what should be avoided.

What To Do During Solar Eclipse

At the time of eclipse, religious activities like praying and giving obeisance to God, meditation, chanting, etc. should be done. Doing any righteous and worthy deed at the time of eclipse gives a million fold results. Therefore, chanting, penance and meditation must be done at the time of solar eclipse. Also, after the eclipse one should take a holy bath in a river and some charity should also be done.

What Must Be Avoided During Solar Eclipse

At the time of eclipse, all work must be done by keeping the mind calm. This nullifies the ill effect of all the inauspicious planets. Therefore, on this day, one should keep distance from any kind of dispute, debate, fight or quarrel at home or outside. Having a fight or quarrel in one’s house makes our ancestor and forefathers angry ad negative forces will reside in the house.


Never Do This Or You Will Invite Wrath Of Shani Dev

Shani Amavasya is also falling on the day of eclipse this year. Never insult the poor and needy on this day because Shani Dev represents them and Shani Dev also gives fruits according to the deeds. Make a habit of not insulting others. Person who insults the poor and needy, invites the wrath of Shani Dev. At the time of eclipse, one should not take food or any other thing without paying. According to religious beliefs, by doing this not only one has to face money related problems but also one has to struggle for happiness and peace. Also, by doing this disease and debt enter the house and the angry Shani can also make your life miserable. Consuming meat and liquor on this day can anger Shani Dev. It would be better if the whole family eats black urad khichdi on this day

Avoid Doing These Things

At the time of eclipse, the land should not be dug even by mistake and cutting trees should be avoided. If possible, plant as many trees as the members in your family. Digging the land and cutting trees at the time of eclipse is considered very inauspicious. According to religious beliefs, doing this reduces the age and the inauspicious effect of the eclipse also affects your horoscope.


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