Take Charge of Your Health by Scheduling Annual Checkups: Advice from Cardiologist Devi Shetty

New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) – Celebrating World Health Day, renowned cardiologist Devi Shetty emphasized the importance of taking charge of one’s health through regular preventive checkups. This year’s theme, ‘My Health, My Right’, underlines the need for equitable access to quality healthcare.

Dr. Shetty urged people to be proactive in maintaining their health, stating, “You should become custodian of your health. You should feel responsible for your health and do the right things.”

India is facing a rise in cases of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, obesity, and mental health issues. Statistics from a recent report by Apollo hospitals reveal a concerning trend, with a significant portion of the population grappling with these health issues.

Notably, lifestyle factors such as sedentary habits and poor dietary choices contribute to the prevalence of diseases like obesity and hypertension. Dr. Shetty pointed out the impact of unhealthy eating habits, stating, “The root cause of most of the problems is sedentary life and exotic food, which is available at low cost.”

Despite the focus on COVID-19 in recent times, India has also been witnessing a surge in heart attack cases. Dr. Shetty emphasized the need for preventive measures, highlighting the importance of annual health checkups for all adults to monitor key health indicators like blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


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