Top Pooja Room Vastu Tips To Bring Prosperous To Your House

Pooja Room Vastu– In any Indian house, the pooja room is placed with great love and caution. This is the place where god resides and attracts love and abundance to your home. It is very important that the pooja room has the maximum amount of positive energy as compared to other rooms in the house. 

The Ideal Pooja Room Direction as per Vastu-

Here we gonna be discussing some basic principles of Pooja Room Vastu that must be kept in mind.

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Pooja’s room should be placed in the northeast direction of the house. You can also consider the west but the mandir should never be situated in the south direction. The windows and door of the pooja room should be towards the east or north direction. The same should be followed while praying too. 

Pooja Room Vastu Tip: Correct Placement of Ideals and Elements

The statue or say the idols must be placed a few inches away from the wall or in some cases around six inches from the ground level. It is done to ensure proper ventilation and allow the fragrance stick to linger in the air. It should also be noted that the statues must not face each other and it generates negative energy flow in the house. Additionally, paintings of the gods should not be broken or chipped. 

Pooja Room Vastu Tips for a Compact Space

If the apartment is small then it becomes difficult to have a full pooja room. If that is the case, the pooja room should be made in the east, northeast or north direction. This will ensure positive energy flow in the apartment. This is the most common case nowadays as many people are opting for apartments 

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