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Who is Vinnie Hacker girlfriend? Who is the internet personality dating?



Who is Vinnie Hacker girlfriend? Who is the internet personality dating?

Who is Vinnie Hacker?

Vinnie Hacker, also known as Vincent Cole Hacker, is a prominent American TikToker and social media personality. Born on July 14, 2002, in Seattle, Washington, he has risen to fame through his engaging content on various social media platforms.

Is Vinnie Hacker Dating Anyone?

As of the latest updates, Vinnie Hacker is currently single and not dating anyone. Despite his popularity and widespread attention on social media, he maintains a single status.

Who is Vinnie Hacker’s Girlfriend?

Vinnie Hacker’s romantic relationships have garnered significant attention from his fans. Previously, he was in a relationship with Faith Ordway, a well-known TikToker and content creator. Before Faith, he was also linked with another popular social media personality, Addison Rae.


Vinnie Hacker’s Family: Parents

Vinnie Hacker hails from a supportive and loving family in Seattle, Washington. His parents are Nate Hacker and Maria Hacker. Nate works as an electrician, while Maria serves as a dispatcher for 911 emergency services. Vinnie also has a younger brother named Reggie Hacker, who shares his passion for baseball.

Vinnie Hacker’s Career

Aside from his social media endeavors, Vinnie Hacker has a background in sports, particularly baseball. He has represented his high school and college teams in various local and national championships. However, he gained widespread recognition through his presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where he shares entertaining and engaging content.

Vinnie has also ventured into modeling and has worked with reputable agencies like SMG Model Management. Additionally, he has appeared in films and documentaries, further expanding his presence beyond social media.


Vinnie Hacker’s Net Worth

As of 2024, according to Sportskeeda, Vinnie Hacker’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. His income primarily stems from his activities on social media platforms, modeling contracts, and various business ventures.

Vinnie Hacker: Height and Weight

Physically, Vinnie Hacker possesses a charming and handsome appearance. Standing at approximately 5 feet 11 inches (1.81 meters) tall and weighing around 78 kilograms (173 lbs), he maintains a fit and attractive physique. With dark brown eyes and hair, along with several tattoos adorning his body, he exudes charisma and style.

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