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‘Vishal Bhardwaj Wrote ‘Main Ghana Andhera Hoon’ During His College Days’




Vishal Bhardwaj composed ‘Main Ghana Andhera Hoon’ when he was in college

Renowned filmmaker and music composer Vishal Bhardwaj released his latest track ‘Main Ghana Andhera Hoon’ on Tuesday. The song, composed to the poetry of Bashir Badr, captures raw emotions and portrays the intensity of love.

Vishal, a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of Bashir Badr since his youth, composed the song during his college days. The song reflects the emotions of a lover lost in the darkness of love, depicting the willingness to do anything for their beloved.

The visuals of the song traverse various landscapes, illustrating a heart consumed by the bittersweet feeling of love. Keeping the orchestrations minimal, Vishal allows the poetry to shine with string instruments adding depth to the soundscape.


‘Main Ghana Andhera Hoon’ is a timeless romantic ghazal that resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level. Vishal Bhardwaj’s ability to capture the essence of love through music and poetry once again shines through in this latest release.

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