Vistara pilots’ demands highlight wider challenges faced by Tata Group airline, AI pilots unions inform Chairman

NEW DELHI, April 4 (IANS) – Air India’s pilots unions, ICPA and IPG, have joined Vistara pilots in protesting against a new contract due to the merger with Air India. The unions believe the issue highlights broader challenges within Tata Group’s aviation businesses.

In a letter to Tata Group Chairman N. Chandrasekaran, the unions stated, “The pilots of Vistara have been advocating for fixed 70 hours compensation, improved working conditions, and stable roster. Their demands are reasonable and reflect broader challenges within Tata Group airlines.”

The concerns raised by Vistara pilots are not seen as isolated incidents, but rather indicative of systemic issues across various Tata Group aviation entities. The unions pointed out issues like fixed remuneration, leaves approval, unstable roster, and an unsupportive work environment.

Allegations were made by the unions that pilots are being treated like “bonded laborers” and HR has resorted to coercive tactics. The letter emphasized the importance of addressing these grievances to ensure a safe working environment and avoid risks to passenger and crew safety.

The unions urged Tata Group leadership to engage in dialogue with the pilot community, listen to their feedback, and take proactive measures to address their legitimate concerns. They stressed the need for fairness, transparency, and employee welfare across all Tata Group aviation ventures.


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