WhatsApp bans over 7.6 million accounts in India for harmful behavior

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, announced that it banned over 76 lakh accounts in India in February, in accordance with the IT Rules. 7,628,000 accounts were banned, with 1,424,000 proactively banned. The messaging platform received 16,618 complaint reports in February.

The company stated, “Accounts Actioned” refers to reports acted upon by WhatsApp. In January, 6,728,000 accounts were banned, with 1,358,000 proactively banned. WhatsApp employs a team of experts to ensure safety features and controls are effectively implemented.

According to WhatsApp’s monthly compliance report, the messaging platform with over 500 million users in India is taking strict action to comply with the IT Rules. In February alone, 16,618 complaint reports were received, leading to the ban of 7,628,000 accounts, with 1,424,000 proactively banned. The company is committed to fostering a safe online environment for its users.


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