YouTube Removes 2.25 Million Videos in India for Violating Community Guidelines in Q4 2023

New Delhi, March 26 (IANS) Google-owned YouTube has removed over 2.25 million videos in India for violating its community guidelines in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is the highest number of videos removed among 30 nations, with Singapore and the US following closely behind.

The global report stated that 9 million videos were removed in total during the same period, with 96 percent being flagged by machines. More than half of the videos were taken down before receiving a single view, showcasing the platform’s efforts to maintain a safe environment for users.

YouTube emphasized that its Community Guidelines are consistently enforced worldwide, using a combination of machine learning and human reviewers. The platform also removed over 20 million channels for violating spam policies and weeded out more than 1.1 billion comments, the majority of which were spam.

According to YouTube, the removal of content and channels for policy violations is done globally, irrespective of the uploader or content origin. The platform’s stringent enforcement measures aim to ensure a positive user experience and combat spam, scams, and misleading information on the platform.


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