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South Korea and Japan to collaborate on satellite navigation system development




S. Korea, Japan to cooperate in developing satellite navigation system

South Korea and Japan to collaborate on regional satellite navigation systems in East Asia. The two countries signed a memorandum of cooperation for developing and operating their respective satellite systems. In a technical working group meeting in Seoul, they discussed the progress of KPS and QZSS.

South Korea has been working on developing the KPS since 2022, while Japan has been operating the QZSS since 2003. The ministry plans to cooperate with other countries with satellite navigation systems as well. This collaboration aims to allow the two systems to coexist and interoperate effectively, enhancing satellite navigation capabilities in the region.

The Ministry of Science and ICT in Seoul facilitated the collaboration between South Korea and Japan for the development and operation of regional satellite navigation systems. The signing of the memorandum of cooperation signifies a new phase of practical cooperation between the two countries in the field of satellite technology, benefiting the region.


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