🎥Zepotha 1987 Movie TikTok Trend 2023: Know All About The Indie Horror Film That Is Breaking The Internet

TikTok is the hub of weird trends and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense. However, as internet users, we somehow always jump into those without even thinking twice, because of how fun it is. Welcome back to another chapter of an internet trend, Zepotha 1987, which makes no sense, but people are losing their minds over it, and those who don’t know remain as confused as always. So if you’re a part of the latter group, here’s an explanation of what’s up with the ‘Zepotha 1987 Movie’ trend.

What Is The ‘Zepotha 1987 Movie’ Tiktok Trend?

Even though Zepotha, a 1987 horror movie, was never made, many people recall watching it as kids. While this can seem confusing to some, a quick review of some of the most recent videos from independent musician and TikTok content creator Emily Jeffri would give a clear grasp of the current trend that has taken over the platform.

Emily posted a video on YouTube on Saturday, August 12, in which she described a hypothetical movie plot. She created a fictitious 1980s horror film called Zepotha to entice people to join in a lighthearted prank.

She advised people to post comments on alluring videos saying that the persons in the videos match characters from the fictitious movie.

Along with the following, Emily included, “Together we will witness new lore develop, main characters will emerge, etc. & we can convince thousands of people that this weirdly titled 80s horror film actually exists.”

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Since Emily’s creative idea probably enthralled a large number of viewers and enticed them to participate in the online trend, her video quickly gained popularity online.

Up to this moment, this viral phenomenon has received more than 2.4 million views. Those who don’t know are losing their minds because the film doesn’t even exist, but people are commenting randomly on posts. So if you were confused about this up until now, you’re welcome!


What is the “Zepotha 1987 Movie” TikTok trend?

The “Zepotha 1987 Movie” trend on TikTok involves a fictitious horror movie that never existed but is being humorously portrayed as a nostalgic 1980s horror film. The trend began with a video posted by TikTok content creator Emily Jeffri, who created a made-up horror movie called “Zepotha” and encouraged users to leave comments suggesting that people in random videos resemble characters from the fictitious movie. The goal of the trend is to collectively create a fictional backstory and lore for the non-existent movie.

Who started the trend and how did it start?

The trend was started by TikTok content creator Emily Jeffri. She posted a video on August 12th in which she described a hypothetical movie plot for a fictional 1980s horror film called “Zepotha.” She encouraged users to engage in a lighthearted prank by leaving comments on various videos, suggesting that the individuals in the videos match characters from the imaginary movie. The goal was to collectively create a sense of nostalgia and community around the nonexistent film.

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