Zomato CEO Announces “Pure Veg Mode” Fleet Will Also Wear Red Color

New Delhi, March 20 (IANS): Zomato Co-founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the removal of the on-ground segregation of its rider fleet for the ‘pure veg mode’. Earlier, riders were required to wear green uniforms.

In a statement, Goyal mentioned, “All our riders — both our regular fleet, and our fleet for vegetarians — will wear the colour red.” This move aims to prevent any misidentification of riders delivering vegetarian orders and ensure their safety.

Goyal emphasized the importance of riders’ physical safety and stated that the company will roll back the decision if it leads to negative social repercussions. The previous announcement of ‘pure veg mode’ faced criticism on social media.

The ‘pure veg mode’ will feature restaurants serving only vegetarian food and exclude those offering non-vegetarian items. This decision comes after concerns were raised about customers facing issues with landlords due to the segregation of rider fleets.

Zomato aims to provide a seamless delivery experience for all customers, regardless of their dietary preferences. The company’s decision to remove the on-ground segregation is a step towards maintaining inclusivity in its services.


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