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Zomato introduces ‘Pure Veg Mode’ with vegetarian delivery riders from non-meat serving restaurants




Zomato launches ‘Pure Veg Mode’ with vegetarian riders from eateries that don't serve meat

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal unveiled a new ‘Pure Veg Mode’ and ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ on the platform catering to 100% vegetarian customers. The mode features restaurants serving only vegetarian food, excluding non-vegetarian options.

Goyal emphasized that the initiative is not about religion or political preference but about meeting the specific needs of vegetarian customers. The ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ will exclusively deliver orders from pure vegetarian restaurants.

Future plans include introducing specialized fleets to cater to different customer needs, such as a cake delivery fleet with hydraulic balancers to avoid smudging during transport. The company aims to roll out this feature nationwide in the coming weeks.


Zomato reported a profit of Rs 125 crore in the third quarter of the current financial year, marking an improvement of Rs 390 crore compared to the same period last year. Consolidated adjusted revenue also saw a 53% year-on-year growth to Rs 3,609 crore in Q3 FY24.

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