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Adani Electricity Launches EV ‘Share Charge’ Program for Mumbai Housing Societies




Adani Electricity introduces EV ‘Share Charge’ for Mumbai housing societies

Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd has introduced the ‘Share Charge’ initiative for easy EV charging in the city’s residential complexes. The company is installing ARAI-certified charging stations, aiming to simplify the process for customers while promoting sustainability and cost savings.

Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd is deploying 8,500 charging stations in 4,000 housing societies in suburban Mumbai. This initiative eliminates the need for separate chargers and complex wiring, offering users a streamlined, user-friendly experience through a mobile app for scheduling, monitoring, and payments.

The Share Charge solution is designed to address infrastructure challenges faced by housing complexes while encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles. Residents and officials from various housing societies have praised the initiative for its convenience, affordability, and environmentally friendly approach.


With charging times of around seven hours for four-wheelers and four hours for two-wheelers, one charger can serve multiple vehicles on alternate days. The initiative aligns with Adani Electricity’s renewable energy goals, with a significant portion of its power already sourced from renewable sources.

By simplifying the EV charging process and promoting responsible energy use, the ‘Share Charge’ initiative by Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd is expected to play a crucial role in driving the adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for the city.


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