Indonesia Volcano Mount Ruang Eruption Video Viral, Over 11,000 Evacuated In Northern Indonesia

An Indonesia volcano eruption video has taken the internet by storm. The clip shows red lava coming out from the top of the mountain while the sky is almost grey due to smoke right above Ruang’s crater.

Due to the red alert in the area, more than 11,000 people were evacuated from the region. Plus, flight, or say air travel, has been put on halt after a volcano in northern Indonesia erupted several times in the past few days.

Indonesia Volcano Eruption Video

The Indonesia volcano, Mount Ruang, is situated in North Sulawesi Province. On Tuesday, at 9:45 pm, it erupted for the first time; the entire sky was filled with smoke and ashes. The next day, i.e., Wednesday, it made 4 more eruptions, causing Indonesia’s volcanology agency to take precautionary measures in the area. It’s an alert level for the 725-meter (2,379-foot) high mountain to four, the highest on the scale.

Furthermore, the agency also widened the exclusion zone around the volcano, from four kilometers (2.5 miles) to six kilometers (3.7 miles). To save the people living around the mountain, around 800 people from Tagulandang Island to Ruang were also evacuated.

The Tagulandang Island is situated almost 100 kilometers north of the provincial capital, Manado. The head of the disaster agency’s disaster data, communications, and information center, Abdul Muhari stated-

“At least 11,615 residents who are in the risk area must evacuate to a safe place.”

Back in 2018, Indonesia’s Anak Krakatoa volcano erupted, triggering a tsunami on the coasts of Sumatra. Even the Java parts fell from the water into the ocean due to which hundreds of people lost their lives.

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