Anjum Batra, Actor from ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’, Calls Diljit and Imtiaz ‘God’s Chosen Ones’

Mumbai, April 12 (IANS) Actor Anjum Batra, who plays the role of Kesar Singh Tikki in ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’, has lauded director Imtiaz Ali and Diljit Dosanjh, calling them ‘God’s favourite children’. The actor shared his positive experience working with them, highlighting their amazing aura and down-to-earth nature.

Anjum Batra expressed his admiration for Diljit Dosanjh and Imtiaz Ali, stating, “Diljit and Imtiaz are God’s favourite children. I have had a fantastic experience working with them. They have an amazing aura.” Despite having worked with Parineeti Chopra before, this was Anjum’s first time collaborating with Diljit Dosanjh. He praised Diljit’s humility, saying, “On the first day when I met Diljit, he greeted me so nicely and made me so comfortable on the sets. Rab de bande hai wo. I never felt that I am working with a superstar.”

The actor also commended Imtiaz Ali for his directorial skills, adding, “Imtiaz makes things so easy for you that you feel that your character is flowing like water. They are highly talented and down to earth.” ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’ narrates the true story of the late Punjabi singer Amar Singh Chamkila, who was tragically murdered along with his wife in 1988. The film is currently available for streaming on Netflix, providing viewers with an insight into the life of the renowned singer.

With a stellar cast and a compelling storyline, ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’ is receiving positive reviews from audiences. The collaboration between Anjum Batra, Diljit Dosanjh, and Imtiaz Ali has been praised for its authenticity and powerful performances. As viewers delve into the world of the late Punjabi singer, they are captivated by the talent and dedication portrayed on screen. Don’t miss out on this gripping tale, now available for streaming on Netflix.



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