Sara Ali Khan highlights the positive aspects of menstruation – femininity and fertility, not impurity.

New Delhi, April 12 (IANSlife): Sara Ali Khan, a rising star among Gen Z, has been announced as the brand ambassador for the feminine hygiene brand Sofy. Known for her open and candid conversations, Sara reveals that some of her hit songs were shot during her menstrual cycle days. In a recent conversation with IANSlife, Sara talks about her personal experiences and challenges related to menstruation.

When asked about PMS, Sara shared, “Personally, it’s the intense moodiness, bloating, and ice cream cravings. I experience pangs of sugar cravings, which are, of course, due to magnesium deficiency. You should try Paalak, which is not particularly tasty, but it helps.”

Sara believes that society needs to change the way it views menstruation. She emphasized, “It is critical to understand that menstruation is not an indicator of impurity. I believe it represents the pinnacle of femininity and fertility. I am thrilled to be associated with a brand that educates and empowers others.”

Despite being in the spotlight, Sara never misses her workout routine, even during her period days. She shared, “I try not to miss my workout any day. I exercise daily, even when I am on my period, as it boosts my mood and helps with pain relief. I incorporate light cardio and yoga during my period days.”

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, Sara prefers both XL pads and antibacterial napkins. She mentioned, “I carry the Sofy Anti-Bacterial extra-large pads in my bag, which provide spotless and comfortable periods. I prefer feminine hygiene brands that avoid the risk of leakage and are safe for health.”

Sharing a memorable incident, Sara recalled, “I remember once we were travelling in Rajasthan for the shoot. So, I had to change my pad on the moving bus in the outskirts of Rajasthan. I usually carry an extra-large anti-bacterial pad to ensure a comfortable experience during periods.”

In response to a question about dealing with PCOD and PCOS, Sara advised, “Recognize the syndrome to ensure you are aware of the changes in the body. Exercise regularly to minimize symptoms, avoid binge eating, and strive to live a healthier lifestyle. Remind yourself that the next day will be better.”

Sara candidly shared, “All of my hits and favorite songs, such as Aankh Maare, Chaka Chak, and Ha Mei Galat, were shot during my period days.” Her openness and authenticity resonate with fans, breaking the stigma around period-related experiences.

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