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Anupam Mittal: Strong and Proactive Government that is Not Fooled by Big Tech’s Deception




We have strong & proactive govt that won't fall for Big Tech's lies: Anupam Mittal

New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) Founder and CEO Anupam Mittal continues his battle against Google’s Play Store policies, calling it the new Digital East India Co. Mittal believes without safeguards, tech giants can control India’s economic future.

Mittal expressed concern over Google and Apple’s push to dominate the internet economy with charges for premium apps. He met with Union IT Minister and Minister of State for Electronics to address the issue.

Mittal debunked Google’s claims of Play Store charges being for infrastructure, arguing they are only for Payment Gateway Services. He criticized the tech giant for wanting 20 times the market rate.


Google’s assertion that developers had three years to comply with the new rules was dismissed by Mittal, who stated that it was the Indian judiciary that prevented any immediate action.

Mittal proposed the immediate intervention to prevent bundling by Google and Apple, while suggesting the long-term solution of unbundling their services to give users more choice in app stores and default apps on their phones.


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