AP Dhillon’s Guitar-Throwing Act at Coachella Leaves Netizens Furious

Mumbai, April 15 (IANS) Indian-origin Canadian musician A. P. Dhillon faced backlash on the internet after breaking his guitar during his performance at the Coachella festival. Despite his musical talent, the singer-songwriter received criticism for his actions on stage, sparking a debate among netizens.

Dhillon took to Instagram to share a video of himself breaking his guitar during the performance, with the caption, “Brown Munde have left the dessert (sic)”. His fellow singer Shinda Kahlon also featured in the video and shared a guitar emoji in the comment section, adding to the controversial act.

While breaking a guitar on stage is a common practice in rock culture, many Indian internet users expressed their disappointment in Dhillon’s actions, citing Indian values. Some users criticized him for not respecting the instrument that helped him reach his current stage, questioning the need for such behavior despite its cultural context.

One user commented, “Respect the things which brought you to this stage. It’s completely your and your loss (sic).” Another user questioned, “Ban gaya cool (Did you become cool) (sic)?” Highlighting the divided opinions on the matter, a third user asked, “And you think doing this looked good (sic)?” The incident has sparked a conversation about cultural identity and artistic expression among online audiences.

As the criticism continues to circulate on social media platforms, A. P. Dhillon’s actions at Coachella have sparked discussion on the boundaries between artistic freedom and cultural sensitivity. The musician’s performance has divided opinions and raised questions about the impact of cultural context on artistic expression in a globalized music industry.


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