Khyati Keswani describes her character Amrita as being consumed by hatred in ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’

In Mumbai, Khyati Keswani, portraying Amrita in ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’, delves into the complexities of her reel-life character compared to her real self. Amrita is seen as cold and strict, masking her grief, while Khyati describes herself as soft-spoken and emotional, caring deeply for family members.

Amrita’s character in the show is portrayed as having a tough exterior due to the loss of her son, leading to actions that seem harsh, especially towards Aashi. Despite this, she shows vulnerability when it comes to family, a trait that Khyati shares in real life as well. Both reel and real personas prioritize family well-being.

In a recent turn of events in the show, Amrita gives consent for Aashi and Siddharth’s wedding, sparking celebrations as their romance blossoms. However, a new character is set to disrupt their world in the upcoming episode. ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ can be watched every Monday to Saturday at 9 pm on Shemaroo Umang, adding more twists and turns for viewers to enjoy.


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