Aston Martin Committed to Making Petrol Cars ‘For as Long as Permitted’

Aston Martin to make petrol cars ‘for as long as allowed’

British luxury carmaker Aston Martin Lagonda will continue to produce traditional combustion-engine vehicles as long as legally possible, as its chairman Lawrence Stroll stated, “For as long as we’re allowed to make ICE cars, we’ll make them.”

Stroll’s comments follow the delay in the launch of Aston Martin’s first electric vehicle until 2026, with deliveries expected in 2027. This decision came after the UK extended the ban on high-polluting petrol and diesel cars from 2030 to 2035, pushing the automotive sector towards electric vehicles to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Aston Martin plans to increase investment in plug-in hybrid vehicles to cater to the market until the mid-2030s, anticipating the eventual ban on combustion-engine cars. The appointment of Adrian Hallmark as the new CEO signals a strategic shift, bringing in fresh leadership from Bentley to drive performance at the brand.

As Hallmark prepares to take the reins by October 1, he will become the fourth CEO in as many years at Aston Martin, a company famous for its association with the iconic British spy, James Bond. The transition towards electric mobility is reshaping the automotive industry, with Aston Martin navigating through changes to sustain its legacy in the luxury car market.

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