Bayani Fernando Death Cause, What Happened To The Ex-Marikina Mayor? How Did He Die?

Bayani Fernando was a recognized and renowned personality who was popular in Metro Manila’s development. Moreover, he was the former mayor of Marikina City. It’s saddening to announce that, Bayani Fernando is no more.

The former mayor passed away on 22 September 2023. When he breathed his last, he was just 77 years old. His contributions can never be ignored or denied.

What Happened To Bayani Fernando?

His death news has captured the headlines and has reached a wider audience. When Fernando’s death news was announced, it sent ripples across the country. He died at the age of 77, on 22 September 2023, Friday.

Politicians, celebrities, and the citizens of the nation are mourning the loss of the deceased soul. His contributions to the Metro Manila and Marikina City were remarkable. The Metro Manila’s Development Authority marks Bayani as a “Visionary leader”. Moreover, his legacy will always be cherished.

The agency released a statement that said, “The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is deeply saddened and shocked about the sudden demise of former Chairman Bayani F. Fernando who served the Authority from June 5, 2002, until November 25, 2009.”

How Did Bayani Fernando Die? Death Cause

Bayani Fernando Death Cause, What Happened To The Ex-Marikina Mayor? How Did He Die?

The respected Filipino engineer and politician, Bayani Fernando who passed away on 22 September 2023, will always be remembered. However, “Bayani Fernando’s cause of death” is hitting search engines now.

The exact cause of his demise was a sudden and tragic accident. He went upstairs to fix a roof, where he fell, which led to his ultimate demise. This was a shocking moment for many people who were aware of his devotion and dedication to public service.

Who Was Bayani Fernando?

He was a multifaceted individual who was not just a politician, but also an engineer. He held the office of Mayor from 1992 to 2001 at Marikina City. His contribution to transforming the municipality into a bustling urban center can not be ignored.

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Later from 2010 to 2016, he chaired the MMDA or Metropolitan Manila Development Authority focusing on infrastructure and transportation. However, finally, he breathed his last on 22 September 2023, at the age of 77 in a tragic accident, at his home.

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