Big B reflects on ‘Jagriti’ song while expressing concern over ‘disturbing’ nuclear weaponry

In a recent blog post, megastar Amitabh Bachchan expressed his concerns about nuclear weaponry and its destructive power, leading to a day of disturbed thoughts. Without naming anyone, he referenced a powerful leader’s statement about the capacity of nuclear weapons to ‘blow up the world’.

Bachchan highlighted the discussions around the stockpile of nuclear bombs and the potential consequences of any errors or mistakes that could lead to a catastrophic event. He emphasized the significant role of one person in making decisions that could impact the world, either accidentally or as part of their duty.

Reflecting on the possibility of another war, Bachchan shared his fears and expressed the importance of gathering courage in such uncertain times. He then drew attention to the timeless relevance of a song from the 1954 film ‘Jagriti’, emphasizing the foresight of the poet in capturing the essence of current discussions on nuclear warfare.

The veteran actor’s contemplative post serves as a reminder of the grave implications of nuclear weaponry and the need for collective courage to navigate such precarious situations. Bachchan’s poignant reflections echo the sentiments of many who grapple with the harsh realities of living in a world threatened by the destructive power of nuclear weapons.


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