Oprah Winfrey admits she has never seen a therapist, relies on Gayle King for support

In a recent revelation, Oprah Winfrey disclosed that she has never been to a therapist and instead relies on her close friend, Gayle King, for emotional support. The television personality shared that her real therapy comes from discussing the day’s events with King every night.

Winfrey and King have been a source of strength for each other since the early days of their careers, constantly supporting one another. The TV icon expressed her gratitude for King’s unwavering support, emphasizing the importance of having a friend who cares deeply about your well-being.

Reflecting on their friendship, Winfrey highlighted the significance of having someone who is invested in your success, sorrows, and victories. She credited King for being a steadfast companion and acknowledged her as an integral part of her life.

Furthermore, Oprah Winfrey has expressed her desire to uplift and empower others, emphasizing her commitment to helping people succeed. The media mogul’s dedication to supporting and inspiring those around her reflects her belief in the power of resilience and community.

As Winfrey continues to prioritize her friendships and mentorship roles, she sets an example for others to cultivate meaningful connections and provide support in times of need. With King by her side, Winfrey finds solace and strength in their shared experiences and unwavering friendship.


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