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Buying Valentine’s Gifts for Her? Consider These Jewellery Pieces

The season of love is knocking on the doors and it’s time to start looking for the best valentine’s gift for her.

But what are you planning to buy? Is it flowers? But they don’t last long. Or what about chocolates? Now, that’s quite cliché.

How about something which lasts for years and can work its way like wonders in your woman’s heart? Yes, that sounds perfect and that is nothing but jewellery. A jewellery piece can be a symbol of how much you love her and how committed you are towards the relationship. All you need to do is find a perfect piece of jewellery.

Below we have picked a few of the best jewellery pieces from a vast collection of valentine’s gifts for her. Whether you are a pro at gifting or just a newbie trying their best to impress their girl, this list is going to be your saviour. Take a look!

Show Your Love With A 14kt Yellow Gold Rare Love Pendant With Chain

A delicate heart pendant in a simple chain is a winner no matter what your lady’s style is. Such pendants are easy to carry and can be styled with a number of outfits.

We found this charming necklace with a luminous wisp of yellow gold as one of the best valentine’s gifts for her.  In the spirit of the love season, there is a small heart-shaped pendant, perfect to symbolize your love.

Get Her A 14 Kt Yellow Gold Little Joys Diamond Bangle

Celebrating your love is also possible with a gold bangle. You can also try a bracelet but nowadays, bangles are back in fashion. Your partner can easily wear it with any outfit – be it Indian or western – and every time she looks at her hands, she would be reminded of your passion for her.  

You can buy a gorgeous bangle like we have picked in the picture. This one also has a heart motif embellished with a cluster of shimmering diamonds. And as you know diamonds are forever – just like your love for her.  

A 14 Kt Yellow And Rose Gold Connected Hearts Diamond Ring To Celebrate Promises

Your valentine’s gifts for her can also be a way to show your commitment towards the relationship. If that is what you wish to gift her this year, go for a ring.

Swoon her with this gold ring that features two inverted hearts, again encrusted with an array of shimmering diamonds. If you wish, you can even go on your knees and confess your feelings to your partner.

Win Her Heart With A 14 Kt Yellow Gold Sparkling Pair Diamond And Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings

Earrings is that piece of jewellery that almost every woman wears. So if you are worried which jewellery piece should be in your list of valentine’s gifts for her, don’t think twice before purchasing a pair of earrings. They would 100% love it.   

To be on the safer side though, go for something cute yet graceful. These gold drop earrings can woo her with their delicate vine pattern and scintillating diamonds. The pink sapphire adds to the feminine touch that’s hard not to love. Even for someone who is not a fan of jewellery. So, pick this piece and get ready to see her fall in love with you again.

Surprise Her With A 14 Kt Yellow Gold Piece Of Heart Diamond Nose Pin

This one is the last but trust us, if you can get this right, it might end up being one of the most beautiful valentine’s gifts for her. Your partner would be both surprised and delighted. A nose ring can dramatically impact the way one looks. In fact, it’s not wrong to say, it is like having a new look altogether.

Now, since this little piece of jewellery is so transforming, we have selected the most beautiful and subtle option for you. This diamond nose ring is elegant, dainty, and radiating love like anything.

Got Inspirations? Then, Start Shopping

If you want to buy any of the valentine’s gifts for her we mentioned above, try Mia by Tanishq. They have an exclusive jewellery collection for valentine’s day. Head to their website now and get some awesome discounts. Happy celebrations!

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