Charli D’Amelio Gets Called Out Online For Her Bold Coachella Dress

Charli D’Amelio is a well-known name in the social media realm. Charli had her breakthrough on TikTok back in the COVID years and became one of the creators to grow immensely well in a short period.

Charli D’Amelio Gets Called Out Online

Her niche of videos and content mostly involved dance, trendy movements, and more. Charli now has a show on Hulu, and she also owns a clothing brand with her sister. Charli was recently seen visibly at the Coachella festival, and obviously, Coachella is all about fashion and festive vibes.

Charli wore a dress and posted pictures with it; she also posted a video of her dancing in that dress. Now, that dress has led to numerous controversies for being too bold and flashy for other people’s liking online.

The original issue that people found with the dress was its translucent see-through material. Charli often chose not to wear any proper innerwear with it, so her breasts and nipples were obvious.

Netizens online have commented on how the old Charli could have never done, chosen a dress like that, and worn it out in the open. Charli did cheekily address the comments online and mentioned in a humorous way that she has nipples and that’s nothing to make a big deal about.

“Hey you guys, it’s Charli, and I really need to admit this to you guys: I actually do have nipples,” she said online.

Netizens online are particularly pissed off about the fact that she has changed while they were growing up and at the peak of her fame. However, some have also supported that she’s an adult now and she can wear anything she wants without parental oversight or the opinion of the netizens and fans who are commenting about the same online.

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