Orange Crush Festival Brawl Video Goes Viral: Event Again Sees Conflicts and Difficulties, Police Assures Public Safety

The annual Orange Crush Festival is characterized by a gathering where a cultural celebration is held. It has recently been celebrated along the coast of Georgia, on Tybee Island.

During the celebration of the Orange Crush Festival, instances of several feuds and altercations also escalated. Thus, law enforcement officials got involved.

Orange Crush Festival Viral Video 

Social media went viral with recordings where scenes of violent altercations surfaced.

Fox News reported that women could be seen engaged in physical altercations, accidentally revealing each other’s clothes, yanking their hair, and striking each other in the face.

People could be spotted taking pictures of the entire mess.

Local police on Tybee Island found a huge influx of visitors for the festival.

Over tens of thousands of people came to the place, with the total population amounting to more than 40,000 to 55,000 people.

Many people also enjoyed the festival without getting involved in any sort of unfortunate event occurring there.

Detailed paperwork, like information about the number of people getting apprehended, is currently pending.

The Orange Crush Festival initially began in the late 1980s in Jacksonville, Florida. It is an annual event which later moved to Tybee Island.

Police Assures Safety

Tiffanty Hayes, the Police Chief of Tybee Island, “expressed cautious optimism” after the activities that took place on the weekends.

According to Times Now, Chief Hayes mentioned providing a safer atmosphere for both guests and locals by reaffirming the community’s commitment and aiding law enforcement initiatives.

In the past, the Orange Crush Festival has also experienced conflicts and difficulties.

The venue of the festival changed to Tybee Island from Jacksonville. Savannah State University also distanced itself from the festival in 1991, exacerbating worries about public safety and security.

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