Clash in West Bank leaves Palestinian gunman dead and 7 Israelis injured

A Palestinian militant opened fire on an Israeli vehicle in the West Bank, leading to an hour-long gunfight that ended with the militant being killed by an Israeli helicopter strike, as reported by military and medical sources. The incident occurred near the Dolev Jewish settlement in the early hours of Friday.
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stated that the Palestinian assailant fired at a minibus, prompting Israeli troops to engage in pursuit. The IDF encountered multiple instances of gunfire throughout the morning, leading to the launch of an assault helicopter and drones during the manhunt.
Israeli media reported that the Palestinian was killed in the clash, with at least seven Israelis sustaining injuries. Tensions have been rising between Israelis and Palestinians amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which started on October 7, 2023.
Since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, security personnel in Jerusalem and the West Bank have been on high alert. The escalation in tensions underscores the complex and volatile nature of the situation in the region.


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