Crispy coated, fried chicken – the recipe everyone loves

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Crispy chicken breast in cornflakes – how to achieve this effect? In spite of how it may seem, this is not a difficult task. All you need is a deep fryer or a pot for deep frying and the right coating mix from Holly Powder. Cornflakes do not cover the whole topic. This effect can be achieved in many other ways. Chicken in breadcrumbs, panko or sesame batter… It’s worth testing different solutions. Although the most popular and loved – American style chicken, like from KFC, is simply coated in flour and buttermilk.

However, before we present the details of coating preparation, think about the choice of meat. We already know that it will be chicken meat, but what part of the chicken? The delicate, white breast meat is liked by literally everyone (except of vegans and vegetarians). If you cut it into about 5 cm strips you will get so-called strips, which can be served with fries and sauces or made into chicken burgers, tortillas, or added to salads. Wings and drumsticks are also very popular. Biting into bones of crispy and juicy meat is for some people a real ritual.

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Chicken coating recipe

There are two ways of preparing chicken pieces in a KFC-like coating. The first one is to soak the chicken in buttermilk combined with flour, the second way is to coat the chicken first in flour, then in buttermilk, and again in flour. For the right flavor, it’s a good idea to marinate the meat in advance, according to your preference, spicy or mild. For these purposes, it is best to use your favorite herbs and paprika powder.

Before frying, set aside the coated chicken pieces for several minutes. During this time, heat the oil to about 220 degrees. Putting cold meat into it will lower the temperature to the desired 200 degrees. Under these conditions, the meat should cook for 4 to 5 minutes.  Drain the fried chicken of excess fat and voila! You can serve it on the table.

How to make crispy wings? Exactly the same way, except that you need to increase the frying time by about 2 minutes. Meat with bones requires a longer frying time. It is also advisable to press the coating more firmly on the meat so that it does not fall off during frying.

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Chicken burger recipe

Now that you have your crispy chicken strips ready, you can experiment with how to serve them. Chicken burgers, while not as popular as their beef alternatives, have a large group of fans. Every chain from McDonald’s to KFC offers chicken burgers. There is no great philosophy in it. All you need is a good, preferably whole-grain bun, and vegetables and carefully selected sauces. Chicken meat has the advantage that it goes well with almost any ingredient. Our favorite options include a combination of bun, arugula, grilled peppers, sunflower seeds, tomato and red onion, all topped with herb sauce and ketchup. We recommend trying this at home! Such a chicken burger has no equal!


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