Dating a New Person? Here’s How to Tell if Your Relationship will Last!


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A new relationship is always full of passion and excitement. However, the new dates and all the butterflies in the stomach sometimes overshadows our ability to reason. But the thought of how compatible would you be with your new partner must have surely crossed your mind at least once. But if you are not looking for a casual fling, you might often wonder how long will your relationship lasts. While time can change the equation with your partner, here are some ways you can predict the shelf life your relationship  

Variables for a New Relationship

According to a study published in the journal, Developmental Psychology, you can determine the longevity of your relationship, based on individual levels of happiness from the start. The study evaluated over 2,000 couples for seven years. Based on their early dating conversations, the researchers were able to predict which couples would break up early. To predict whether or not your relationship will be long-lasting, here are some variables to measure. Love & Relationship: Signs That Indicate Your Partner Doesn’t See the Real You in a Relationship.

Tips to Predict a Long-Lasting Relationship

The rate of unhappiness decides a short-lived and a long-lasting relationship. This means that couples who start off unhappy become increasingly unhappy quickly over time. Recognising the weaknesses at the start of a relationship might help you to intervene earlier rather than letting all the unhappiness build. Plus, if there is visible unhappiness, you can consciously work on building closeness. 

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