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Delhi High Court prohibits illegal websites from streaming IPL events




Delhi HC restrains illegal websites from streaming IPL events

New Delhi, March 26: In a recent development, the Delhi High Court has granted a dynamic+ injunction in favor of Viacom 18 Media Private Limited, restraining various unauthorized websites from streaming Indian Premier League (IPL) events for the year 2024. The court emphasized the need for evolving legal remedies in the digital age to combat copyright infringement effectively.

Viacom 18, holding exclusive digital media rights in the Indian subcontinent and television rights overseas for IPL events from 2023 to 2027, sought intervention against six rogue websites illegally broadcasting the cricket league’s matches until the end of May. The court not only restrained these platforms from hosting or streaming IPL content but also directed Domain Name Registrars to lock and suspend the identified websites.

Additionally, Telecom Service Providers were ordered to block access to these sites to protect Viacom 18’s copyright interests. The court acknowledged the dynamic nature of digital piracy and granted Viacom 18 the freedom to report any new rogue websites engaging in similar illegal activities during the IPL season.


Justice Sanjeev Narula highlighted the significance of the IPL, not just as a sporting event but also as a major source of revenue and entertainment for the masses. He expressed concerns about the unauthorized dissemination of IPL events on various websites, underscoring the threat it poses to Viacom 18’s revenue streams and the substantial investment made in acquiring these rights.

Furthermore, Justice Narula pointed out the broadcast of these events through Viacom’s OTT platform ‘JioCinema’, accessible on various digital devices. He emphasized the risks posed by illegal streaming to the plaintiff’s investments and the broader implications for copyright law. The court’s decision aims to protect the rights and interests of Viacom 18 in the digital landscape.


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