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Ensure that CCTV cameras at medical colleges in Delhi are always functional: directive from the government

In a recent directive, the Delhi government has ordered all hospitals and medical colleges to ensure that their CCTV cameras are functional at all times. The Health Department emphasized the need for proper surveillance to guarantee the safety of female students, particularly during viva examinations conducted by male faculties.

According to a circular issued by the Health Department, all hospitals and medical colleges under the GNCTD must have CCTV cameras covering all relevant areas to ensure the safety and security of female students. Additionally, arrangements must be made for the audio-video recording of viva examinations involving female students and male faculties within a week.

The circular stated, “Hospitals and Medical Colleges under GNCTD are hereby directed to ensure that all the CCTV cameras installed in the Hospitals/Medical Colleges are functioning all the time and video feeds are stored safely.” This directive comes in the wake of a female student’s allegation of sexual harassment by a professor during a viva examination at a Delhi medical college in January this year.

This proactive measure aims to address safety concerns and protect the rights of female students in medical colleges. The Delhi government’s decision to prioritize the functioning of CCTV cameras reflects its commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for all students within the medical community.


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