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European Artistic Gymnastics Championships relocated from Israel to 2025.




2025 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships moved from Israel

The 2025 European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics, initially set to take place in Israel, have been relocated due to security concerns. The Israel Gymnastics Federation announced the decision following the current security situation in the region. The European Gymnastics (EG) reopened the event for bidding, with proposals accepted over the next four weeks.

The Israel Gymnastics Federation shared that the 2025 European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics will no longer be held in Tel Aviv as originally planned. This decision comes as a response to the ongoing security situation in Israel, prompting concerns for the safety of athletes and participants.

European Gymnastics (EG) emphasized the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of all involved in the championships. In light of the current circumstances, the organization made the decision to cancel the hosting of the event in Tel Aviv next year. The EG has opened up the opportunity for interested parties to submit bids to host the prestigious competition.


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