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Gaurang Shah: Indian Fashionistas Embrace Tradition and Innovation




Indian fashionistas seek harmonious blend of tradition & innovation: Gaurang Shah

Award-winning textile designer Gaurang Shah has shed light on the evolution of Indian fashion, emphasizing the growing demand for a blend of tradition and innovation. He stated, “Indian fashionistas today are seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. There’s a growing appreciation for heritage textiles like Jamdani and handlooms, with a modern twist.”

Gaurang, known for his work in costume designing for the Telugu film ‘Mahanati’, highlighted the shift in consumer preferences towards authenticity, craftsmanship, and sustainability over fleeting trends. He noted, “This resurgence of interest in our cultural roots has brought about a renaissance in ethnic wear, where timeless gracefulness meets contemporary sensibilities.”

The designer’s focus has been on creating ensembles infused with modern twists, showcasing fusion textiles in sarees, ghagras, and lehengas. Gaurang emphasized the importance of reinventing the traditional dupatta, incorporating different textiles and textures to elevate the overall look. This vision was evident in his latest collection showcased at LFW x FDCI.


Gaurang’s perspective on the fashion landscape reflects a shift towards honoring heritage while embracing innovation. With a spotlight on reinventing traditional elements and incorporating modern influences, the designer’s work resonates with fashion enthusiasts seeking a balance between timeless elegance and contemporary sensibilities.

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