German Chancellor issues warning to China against supporting Russia before meeting with Xi Jinping

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to warn Chinese President Xi Jinping against providing military support for Russia, amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine. Scholz emphasized the importance of not circumventing sanctions and avoiding arms deliveries that could aid Russia in its conquest.

Speaking in Shanghai on Monday, Scholz stated, “That is why we are also calling on everyone not to circumvent sanctions … and that is why we are also calling for no arms deliveries.” He highlighted the significance of preventing the supply of goods that can be utilized for both civilian and military purposes, as China is considered Russia’s key ally.

The Chancellor is scheduled to meet with President Xi and Premier Li Qiang in Beijing on Tuesday to address the concerning situation. Scholz emphasized that the conflict in Ukraine is not just a European issue, but a global threat to peace and security if allowed to set a precedent. He warned against the repercussions that could affect peace worldwide.

The discussions between Chancellor Scholz and President Xi Jinping are crucial in addressing the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and preventing further escalation. It remains to be seen how China will respond to the warnings issued by Germany regarding military support for Russia. The outcome of the meeting between the two leaders could potentially influence the dynamics of the conflict and shape international relations in the coming days.

In the midst of escalating tensions and military actions in Ukraine, the global community is closely monitoring the diplomatic efforts to prevent further conflict. As German Chancellor Olaf Scholz takes a strong stance against military support for Russia, the world waits to see how China, as a key ally of Russia, will respond to the calls for peace and stability in the region. The outcome of this high-level meeting could have far-reaching implications for the ongoing crisis and international relations as a whole.


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