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Goa Congress criticizes BJP manifesto as a showcase of PM Modi’s photos

In reaction to the BJP manifesto, Goa Congress Amit Patkar criticized it as a “photo album” of PM Narendra Modi. He pointed out the absence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and accused PM Modi and Amit Shah of running a dictatorship.

Patkar highlighted the lack of guarantee or warranty in the manifesto and stated, “This is the trailer for the original BJP functionaries.” He expressed concern over the party’s reliance on PM Modi, evident in the larger photo of him on the cover page compared to BJP President Nadda.

Furthermore, Patkar alleged that BJP disrespected former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar by naming Mopa Airport as ‘Manohar International Airport’ without including his surname ‘Parrikar’. The move was seen as a humiliation towards Parrikar, as stated by Amit Patkar.

Overall, the commentary by Goa Congress Amit Patkar sheds light on the perceived shortcomings of the BJP manifesto and the party’s leadership dynamics, emphasizing the dominance of PM Modi and the alleged disregard for other leaders within the organization.


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