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HotShots Web Series to cool your nerves after a hectic day

HotShots web series– India has a wide range of entertainment options. Today we are gonna be counting down some of the best erotic hotShots web series that you can enjoy with your partner. 

Best Hotshots Web Series

1. Paying Guest, (2020)

HotShots Web Series

An adult hotshots web series that follows a middle-aged woman who starts to get attracted to a young man. The plotline is about how the woman starts to teach the young lad how to satisfy a girl in bed along with finding true love. Regarded as one of the best adult series in India. 

2. I Am Here (2020)

Best HotShots Web Series

A haunted series that follows Paranormal Investigator Sandhya going into a haunted house with her friend who happens to be a spiritual healer. She is looking to research and discover what is scary and haunting about the place. On the way, she discovers something about the entity living in the house. 

3. Intercourse (2019)


The story is about two people who met through a dating app. A regular girl falls in love with a handsome guy. What later follows will make you question whether such apps are reliable or not. The cast of the series includes Pooja Joshi, Rohit and Naagraj to name a few. 

4. Maid For Each Other (2020)

Maid For Each Other

A married guy is having an affair with his maid. His wife finds out about this which results in a tragedy. Now he still has feelings for the maid but in the meantime, the maid has developed a dangerous obsession with him. Watch the series if you are looking for a romantic thriller series. It stars Gehana Vasisth, Revathy Acharya.

5. Yes I am Hungry (2020)

Yes I am Hungry

An unsatisfied husband is looking for wild aggressive sexual relations with his partner. He tells his fantasies to his friends so they arrange a beautiful resort for him where he can spend the night with his partner. 

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