Hyundai teams up with Palantir to develop unmanned surface vessel with HD technology

Seoul, April 14 (IANS) South Korean shipbuilder HD Hyundai Heavy Industries has announced a partnership with US AI company Palantir Technologies to co-develop an unmanned surface vessel (USV) for maritime surveillance. The collaboration aims to develop a USV for surveillance by 2026, with plans to expand into combat at sea.

HD Hyundai and Palantir signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work on developing the USV, which is seen as a game-changer in naval warfare. The USV will be able to undertake various missions in hazardous zones, including surveillance, mine detection, and combat.

To bring this project to life, HD Hyundai will incorporate autonomous navigation software from its subsidiary Avikus with Palantir’s AI-based mission autonomy technology. Palantir Technologies, known for its work with the US Department of Defense, Navy, and Army, has experience in projects like the modernization of combat systems for the American Navy in partnership with Lockheed Martin.

Joo Won-ho, head of the naval special ship business unit at HD Hyundai Heavy, emphasized the importance of advanced technology in the USV market. He stated that both companies will lead the way in this field, leveraging their expertise and reputation in the industry.


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