“I am Gay,” Is Adin Ross Gay? Streamer Leaves Fans Confused As He Reveals His Sexuality In The Latest Livestream, Watch Video

Nowadays it’s just a matter of seconds to make anything go viral. This is what happened in Adin Ross‘s case. The controversial YouTuber was recently live-streaming when he hinted at something about his sexuality. The statement has once again re-ignited the fire in the media.

Is Adin Ross Gay?

What happened was while joking Adin stated he is gay. We don’t know whether it was a joke or said in a serious tone. But the situation has become a hot topic in the media. 

Adin Ross’s live streams video stir controversy

Earlier, Adin stated that he did have an experience with the same sex. However, in February he criticized the LGBTQ+ community in a tweet stating there are only two genders. It backfired massively receiving hate on his social media handles from LGBTQ people. Since then he has become a target for the Gay community. 

Recently he was on a live stream with Kick ambassador Tyler ‘TrainWrecksTv. All of a sudden he said- “My bad, guys, I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, all you guys in my chat need to understand something, okay? I, hereby, would like to say that I… am gay.“

“I am Gay,” Adin Ross comes out and talks about his sexuality in the latest livestream

The minute it was said, it went viral and many drama channels including DramaAlert quickly posted on Twitter with a headline- “ADIN ROSS COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET!!! Who do you think his boyfriend is?” This may also indicate this was a joke or said in a playful manner. 

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Despite the trending news, he seems to have no problem with the tactics and continues with his controversial behaviour on camera. This is how he built his online persona and became famous for his funny one-liners. We urge our readers not to spread any false information related to any community. 

Wiki Biodata

Full NameAdin Ross
Twitch ChannelAdinRoss
ContentGrand Theft Auto and NBA 2K videos
Twitch FollowersOver 5 million
First Streamed2019
YouTube ChannelAdin
FamilySister: Naomi
RelationshipGirlfriend: Stacey
Romantic Link: Pamibaby

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