Indian crew of vessel that caused US bridge collapse reported safe

In a tragic incident in Baltimore, a container ship Dali, with 22 Indian crew members, caused the collapse of the Francis Scott Bridge. Two road construction workers were rescued while six remained missing. The ship, bound for Colombo, experienced a power outage, hitting the bridge.

Andrew Middleton from The Apostleship of the Sea in Baltimore confirmed the crew’s safety. The ship’s speed was eight knots when it lost control due to the outage. The bridge had the third-longest main span among truss bridges globally, used by over 35,000 commuters daily.

US President Joe Biden promised federal funding for reconstructing the bridge as authorities focused on finding the missing. Despite the bridge’s stable condition, the cause of the collapse will be investigated. Governor Moore expressed shock at the incident and couldn’t specify when normal shipping activities would resume.

An early May Day call from the ship helped avert further casualties. Congresswoman Kweisi extended prayers for the victims and first responders. The community remains in disbelief over the bridge collapse, emphasizing rescue and recovery efforts as the top priority.


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