Kulhad Pizza Couple New Viral Video from their Dubai Vacation Takes The Internet By Storm 

Famous Kulhad Pizza couple Gurpreet Kaur and Sehaj Arora are back in the news. This time their Dubai vacation photos are dominating the internet. In the viral clip, the couple can be seen taking a stroll on a beach in Dubai.

Gurpreet can be seen in a mustard-colored sleeveless top paired with black trousers while Sehaj is dressed in a blue shirt with black shorts. Sehaj captioned the video with, “Life takes you down many paths, but the best ones lead to the beach,” along with heart emojis.

Kulhad Pizza Couple Video From Their Dubai Vacation Goes Viral On Social Media

The Kulhad Pizza couple first came into the limelight when a food vlogger made a video on their infamous Kulhad pizza. Since then, they have turned into internet personalities. Soon things took a drastic turn when their private video was leaked online with their consent.

The video made national headlines with many targeting the couple for taking such actionsto grab publicity in the media.

Initially, the Kulhad Pizza couple claimed that the video was fake but later came forward claiming one of their ex-employees leaked the clip while trying to extort money.

The video also sparked a debate on social media over privacy laws and the right to consent. As the video turned into a national controversy, Sehaj had to release a statement on their YouTube channel stating,

“I won’t delve into whether the video is real or not. Instead, let’s focus on the dire circumstances we find ourselves in. Just two days ago, my wife underwent surgery. Our home, which should have been filled with joy, now bears an atmosphere of despair. We live in uncertainty, unsure of what the future holds. I request all of you not to propagate the video any further. Our child was born just four days ago, and my wife is currently in a deeply distressing state, making her care incredibly challenging. What befell us is a situation that could happen to anyone. I humbly request you to imagine yourself in my shoes for a moment.”

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