IPL 2024: Kuldeep Yadav confident in his plan after match-winning performance against Lucknow

Lucknow Super Giants’ Kuldeep Yadav shone in a match-winning performance against Gujarat Titans, attributing his success to dedicated support staff and physios. Yadav’s three-wicket haul helped control the run rate and secure victory for his team, showcasing his skill and determination on the field.

Yadav’s absence in the previous matches due to injury did not deter him as he made a strong comeback by dismissing key players like Marcus Stoinis and Nicholas Pooran. His ability to control the game and make crucial breakthroughs was evident as he played a significant role in decelerating the opposition’s momentum and securing essential wickets.

In a post-match interview, Yadav highlighted the importance of maintaining clarity in his bowling strategy and emphasized the significance of teamwork, particularly in decision-making related to the Decision Review System (DRS). His confidence and strategic approach, along with effective communication with wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant, showcased his maturity and skill as a bowler.

Overall, Yadav’s exceptional performance not only helped his team secure a crucial victory but also highlighted his resilience and dedication to overcoming challenges. With the support of the coaching staff and his own determination, Yadav showcased his talent and ability to make a significant impact on the game, earning praise for his crucial role in the match.


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