Israeli Prime Minister Has Hernia Surgery: Office

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent hernia surgery on Sunday night, as confirmed by his office. Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Yariv Levin will temporarily take over the prime minister role during Netanyahu’s absence. The hernia was discovered during a routine checkup on Saturday night.

The office did not provide a specific timeline for Netanyahu’s return to his official duties after the surgery. The operation was deemed necessary after consulting with his doctors and will be performed under full anesthesia.

Netanyahu has been overseeing Israel’s 177-day war in Gaza and his health condition has raised concerns. The surgery comes at a crucial time for the nation and Levin will step in to ensure the smooth functioning of the government in Netanyahu’s absence.

The Prime Minister’s office emphasized that the surgery was a medical necessity and was scheduled promptly after the hernia was discovered. The operation is expected to allow Netanyahu to recover fully before resuming his duties as the head of state.


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